Welcome to Managing Menopause Naturally!

Our intention is to provide up-to-date health information to women wanting natural solutions to the physical and emotional challenges experienced by so many entering peri-menopause all the way through post-menopause.  We want you to know that you don’t have to suffer with the dreaded and well known symptoms such as weight gain, insomnia, depression, diminished self-esteem, cloudy thinking, apathy, anxiety, hot flashes, loss of libido, constant pain, and more.

Our bodies were not designed to degenerate when we turn 50!  Wellness is the body’s natural state.  We have an innate (inborn; natural) ability to self-regenerate.  This means that if we take away the external and internal causes of degeneration and rapid aging we can turn our body’s automatic, natural anti-aging, regenerative powers back on.

Join us as we explore the many ways to turn the POWER ON!

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