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Dr. Brenda Sahlin’s Story

If your reading this, you’ve probably heard this story a time or two by now and maybe even have your own story, but I feel the need to share, as it was the propelling force that led to my journey and the study of the body’s natural transition to Menopause.


Brenda_service2_smlIt was my 50th birthday and I was in the best shape ever.  Having just completed the New York City Marathon that year and running to my heart’s desire, I felt and looked great (well, at least I thought I did).  During that year I began to slack off on the running a bit to give myself a break and two months later I had a little poof to my belly.  Oh, how cute, I thought.  I can deal with this.  In two years time I had gained 10 pounds, even with running and exercising, so I got a little concerned.  I increased my running, exercise, etc. and could not lose the extra weight.

As time went on, I became  apathetic to the situation and resigned to the changes in my body thinking that I had no control over the downward shape my body was taking. In addition to the weight gain I was now experiencing anxiety, especially when driving (not a good situation when you do a lot of it), unrelenting hot flashes, insomnia, melancholy, decreased energy and worst of all, constant pain and inflammation due to my newfound enemy Rheumatoid Arthritis.  My body had betrayed me and I was not a happy camper!  I had no desire to do the things that I loved to do just two years earlier and mostly stayed indoors with my new found passion, cooking and yes that’s right, eating too.  I cannot say I was depressed, I just didn’t care.

Being a Chiropractor and not a fan of medication unless absolutely necessary I  didn’t even consider the thought of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and after much research I am very glad that I didn’t.  Finally I made a decision to get out of this rut that I found myself in so I started reading, reading, and yes, more reading.  Hey, I was indoors anyway because I didn’t have anything descent to wear that fit me 🙁  So, the more I read the more I knew that I did not have to accept this natural transition as the end of the good times.  There was light at the end of this dark tunnel.  From my research, I learned that you can find out what those little buggers they call hormones are up to.  There began my personal journey and passion into the world of hormones.  I had my hormone levels checked using salivary testing and found a few problems.  From there I began a natural protocol of BHRT (BioIdentical Hormone Therapy) and instantly felt better.  Now, to make a long story shorter, this was not the best solution, as I found out later.  It appears that the creams used in BHRT will build up in your subcutaneous fat tissue and stay there for a long, long time and will end up giving you symptoms of deficiency which means, you got it; hot flashes, insomnia, weight gain, anxiety blah, blah, blah.  Further investigation into this fascinating field led me to study with Dr. Janet Lang of Restorative Endocrinology and the brilliant doctors associated with Standard Process.  So, here I am ready and willing to share this life changing information with any of you who care to listen.

Finding your own hormonal imbalances is the very first step to begin your  journey to healing and regain the ability and desire to celebrate this beautiful time of life.  From there you can address the issues from a natural perspective.  Most of the time, dietary modifications, lifestyle changes, herbs and whole food vitamins alone will give you back your health.

The benefits include:

  • increased energy & libido
  • weight loss
  • no more hot flashes, mood swings, anxiety or menopausal depression
  • decreased pain
  • a love for life again

By the way, I now have the energy and desire to run, work out with my personal trainer, play racquetball, help my patient’s, spend time with my family and friends and continue my study of hormones, health and nutrition so that I can continue to help myself and those who want more out of life, like I do!

“We put drugs of which we know little into our bodies of which we know less, to cure diseases of which we know nothing at all.” – Voltaire

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