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  • Are you struggling with weight gain, insomnia, loss of energy, loss of sex drive, anxiety, hot flashes, mood swings, and/or memory loss?
  • Are you confused with all the talk about Menopause and don’t know what to do?
  • Would you like to know what has happened to your mind & body over the last few years?
  • Would you like to learn natural solutions that you can do on your own safely & effectively to bring you back to the women you were?

ORGANIC MENOPAUSE SOLUTIONS is a 4 part program that teaches and guides you through this life changing process to regain your health and your life.

Imagine if you could:

  • Wake up in the morning with a smile on your face from having a good nights sleep
  • Exercise and play like you did 10 years ago
  • Remember where your keys are without having to call the search and rescue team
  • Actually want to have sex again

This system will show you how to:

  • Stop the rapid aging process
  • Balance hormones naturally
  • The ABC’s of nutrition before, during and after menopause
  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Reduce your risk of breast cancer
  • Reset your metabolism
  • Increase your energy
  • Sleep better naturally


  • System Survey Questionnaire – An in depth review of symptoms and body systems that will assist us in discovering where your true weaknesses are.
  • Two 30 minute phone consultations to discuss 1)At the beginning of your program – where you are and how best to move forward 2) at the end of your program- post system survey questionnaire to review your changes and how best to move forward.

A $297.00 value for $97.00 – includes all bonuses!


 Course description…


Class I  What happened to my body?

  • How did you get here?
  • The dangers of hormonal imbalance
  • How to counter the effects of hormonal imbalance
  • Liver detoxification/purification
  • Homework

Class II  The ABC’s of nutrition

  • The two major causes of hormonal imbalance
  • The ABC’s of nutrition before, during and after menopause
  • The lower carb mediterranean diet
  • Homework

Class III  What can I do?

  • Whole food supplements vs. synthetic vitamins
  • How to reduce your risk of breast cancer
  • How to reduce your risk of osteoporosis
  • Causes of osteopenia and osteoporosis
  • The vision board

Class IV  Healing, Sleeping & Vital Living

  • The adrenal glands – what they do & how to keep them healthy
  • The adrenal fatigue test
  • The do’s & don’ts in recovering from adrenal fatigue
  • The importance of sleep on your metabolism, mentality & clarity
  • Finishing touches:)


Brenda_service2_smlHi, I’m Dr. Brenda Sahlin, Chiropractor, Clinical Herbalist and Whole Food Nutritionist.  I am the  founder of Managing Menopause Naturally.  A healing practice designed to help women struggling with peri­menopause and menopause who want natural solutions to feel energized, clear and healthy so they can get back to doing what they love.

“I have personally used this proven system to transform my life during and after menopause.”

While experiencing a rapid decline in my health as I was transitioning into menopause I knew that I was not going to accept pain, weight gain, insomnia, anxiety and more as part of the aging process.

My love for a full and meaningful life would not allow the downward spiral to continue. It was time to take action.

My Story

It was my 50th birthday and I was in the best shape ever.  Having just completed the New York City Marathon that year, I felt and looked great (well, at least I thought I did).

During that year I began to let up on the running to give myself a break and two months later I had a little poof to my belly.  Oh, how cute, I thought.  I can deal with this! In two years time I gained 10 more pounds, even with exercising.  I increased my running, exercise, etc. and could not lose the extra weight.

As time went on, I became apathetic to the situation and resigned to the changes in my body thinking that I had no control over the downward shape my body was taking due to menopause.

Along with weight gain, I was now experiencing; anxiety, unrelenting hot flashes, insomnia, melancholy, decreased energy, constant pain and inflammation due to an arthritis condition that seemed to magically appear.  I had no desire to do the things that I loved to do just two years earlier and mostly stayed indoors with my new found passion, cooking and, yes that’s right, eating too.  I cannot say I was depressed, I just didn’t care.

Finally, I made a decision to get out of the rut that I found myself in and started reading, reading, and yes, more reading (hey, I was indoors anyway and I didn’t have anything decent to wear that fit me).

Being a Chiropractor and a proponent of natural healing, I didn’t consider Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and after much research I am very glad that I didn’t.  The more I read about hormones and how they work, the more I knew that I did not have to accept this natural transition into menopause as the end of the good times.

I’m here to tell you that you DO NOT have to suffer with weight gain, pain, anxiety, insomnia, and hot flashes.  You DO NOT have to accept rapid aging and you DO NOT have to be afraid of what life has in store for you after 50.

Following the steps that you will learn in this training is how I regained the energy and desire to run, work out, play racquetball, care for my patients, spend time with my family and friends, and continue my study of hormones and nutrition so that I can stay youthful and help those who want more out of life, like I do!

And you can too.

Join me in The Organic Menopause Solution and get back to doing what you love for the second half of your life.

One-time payment of $97 includes all bonuses valued at $297.00



Success Stories

I thought my hormones were gone…

Dr. Sahlin’s Organic Menopause Solutions has been the best health improvement program that I have ever participated in.  Besides the fact that the products recommended are whole foods and easily digested, the education I received from Dr. Sahlin was invaluable.  I have been improving my diet and lifestyle one step at a time.

Having had a hysterectomy I thought my hormones were gone, but Dr. Sahlin’s testing showed me I had a hormonal imbalance which needed correction.

My symptoms of insomnia and anxiety with night driving were eliminated with my dietary changes and personalized program.

I also needed help with arthritis and balancing blood sugar levels.  The guidance and whole food supplements have been extremely helpful in these areas!

Evelyn B


I am committed to taking care of myself…

I’m only in my mid-30’s but I thought I might be experiencing early menopause due to ever increasing irritability and anxiety, night sweats and weight gain.  My mother had early onset menopause, so I thought I was following in her footsteps.  A consultation with Dr. Brenda led me to hormonal and adrenal testing.  My levels, although not drastically “off “, definitely plummetted when I was experiencing my symptoms.  The timing correlation of the symptoms and hormone levels actually indicated a very severe form of PMS, not menopause!

Since January, I’ve been taking a whole food supplement regimen and improving my diet and lifestyle.  I am committed to taking care of myself by being more conscious of what I eat (I’ve gone nearly gluten and dairy free and really don’t miss it), as well as being conscious of what products I use on my body; several commonplace products on the market have ingredients that are hormone disruptors.  Garbage in, garbage out.  While I’m not 100% symptom free yet, I will say that I feel remarkably more clear-headed, well-rested and energetic.  I have lost weight (without dieting) and people have been remarking on how clear my skin looks.

My monthly symptoms are much better than they were even two months ago, so I’m going to stick with this path.  Thank you, Dr. Brenda!

-Cara J

I was so frustrated…

I had become frustrated with hot flashes, insomnia and “limited patience level” and was looking for an alternative to the “traditional medicine” solutions available.  Through working with Dr Brenda Sahlin, and maintaining an open dialogue with her,  I altered my diet and began to include whole food supplementation on a daily basis.

I no longer worry that I will become “flushed and red” throughout the day, and I can now look forward to a good nights sleep!

As a bonus, I am also now free of stomach issues and no longer take nexium for heartburn or symbicort and xoepenex for asthma, yay…  Thank you!

Cathy M


Give yourself the gift that Evelyn, Cara & Cathy now enjoy.

One-time payment of $97 includes all bonuses valued at $297.00



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