Pesticides Kill – 9 Compelling Reasons to Eat Organic

Think about it – why does someone put pesticides on their lawn?  Why does one use bug spray?  To kill pests, of course.

So why is it that we think it’s ok to consume pesticide laden foods?  Can we continually eat small amounts of chemicals day in and day out without paying the price. I think not.

spraying pesticides in our soil

spraying pesticides in our soil

Does this picture scare you?  It does me! If he needs to protect himself from what he is spraying I am not going to eat it, period.

If you’re not, obviously, paying the health price today for eating conventional fruits and vegetables (I’m not even going to talk about meats, poultry, fish and dairy right now) you will surely pay tomorrow.

In a recent article from Rodale they list “9 crazy things pesticides are doing to your body“. Here they are…

1. Food Allergies

2. Memory Loss

3. Diabetes

4. Cancer

5. Autism & other developmental diseases

6. Obesity

7. Parkinsons Disease

8. Infertility

9. Birth Defects

Peticides can and do create neurological disruption, hormone dysregulation and diminished mineral levels in our food supply.

Yummy, I can’t wait to hit the next salad bar at my local grocery store:(

So, what can you do to protect yourself from the overuse and abuse of pecticides and insecticides and help the environment at the same time?

* shop organic

* plant your own 

* create an organic lawn

* join a community supported agriculture or CSA program  

For further reading on this topic go to 

Be kind to yourself.  You only have one body and one life.  Use them well and you will live well for it.

To Your Health & Balance,

Dr. Brenda Sahlin

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Dr. Brenda Sahlin, D.C, Clinical Herbalist / Whole Food Nutritionist Making 50 the new 35!
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