Dr. Brenda has fast become regarded as the voice for women making 50 the new 35.  Her knowledge, experience and caring has transformed women’s lives from accepting weight gain, pain, anxiety and depression as just something that happens after 50 to “Wow – Look at me, I feel good, look good and have a brand new zest for life”  She is a Chiropractor, Clinical Herbalist and Whole Food Nutritionist helping midlife women rediscover the vibrant energy to power a truly amazing second half of their lives!

Now available for speaking engagements!

Topics Include:

Uncover the Energy to Live the Dream You Didn’t Have Time for When You Were 30!

happy energetic womanIn less than 40 minutes you can, not only discover how to get the energy you had in your 30’s but also how to reach your optimal health, so that you can live the dream you didn’t have the time and freedom for when you were younger.


Are You Afraid of What Your Future Health Has in Store for You?

concerned mature womanDiscover how you can change the direction of your life by changing your health, so that you can dance at your granddaughter’s wedding, play a game or two of golf and enjoy the life you’ve been dreaming of.


If You Think that Gaining Weight After 50 is Inevitable, Think Again!

Uncover the 4 simple secrets to losing weight and getting fit so that your spouse will fall in love with you all over again. And, so will you:)



Contact: Dr. Brenda Sahlin 732-991-2065 or email drbrendasahlin@gmail.com

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