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Inflammation – What You Absolutely Need to Know for a Healthy Body, Longer Life and Freedom from Disease

  Inflammation, it’s not usually what you hear when you go to the doctor for pain and you want a diagnosis.  You have arthritis, what do you expect you’re 55 for crying out loud, he (or she) says.  Ok, most doctors are not that cruel, however I have heard this complaint from my patients one … Read more

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Are You Toxic? Is Your Body Overloaded with Chemicals, Insecticides, Food Additives? Are You Sluggish, Suffer from Headaches, Weight gain, Insomnia, Skin Rashes, Stuffiness, Loss of Energy?

  If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about please keep reading – Is your body overloaded with chemicals, poisons, trans-fats, food additives, pesticides, insecticides, mercury, chloride, fluoride, artificial sweeteners and so on? Unfortunately, many of these are unavoidable because they are everywhere in our environment.  The problem is they are detrimental to your … Read more

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